Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mini Art Quilts

I've been looking at a lot of art quilts online these days and thought I would give it a try. McCall's Quilting Editors Blog featured a cute little city scape that I thought looked easy enough. I finished it in one evening but I have to admit, it took longer than I thought it would (it always does, right). At the end of the evening I had fabric and fusible paper snippings every where. My kids thought it was great and I plan to give it to my daughter as a little surprise.  It measures about 8" x 8" I used Steam-A-Seam to fuse it and only used one letter sized sheet. I got so excited creating it that I forgot to sew it down as I went. So after I finished the picture I quilted some smaller important pieces down with invisible nylon thread and then put the binding edge on.

Another art quilt that I did, this one completely original, is of our local landscape. While taking a weekend drive on a particulary calm day I was struck by the stillness of the countless lakes and how glass smooth the reflections were. This is about the size of letter paper. My darling hubby said he wants this at his desk at work. I felt flattered.

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  1. That is just beautiful! I love the detail and the fabrics! I don't have the patience to do something like that.