Friday, August 29, 2014

Another Millefiori Quilt

Wall flowers...I'm attempting another one of Willyne Hammerstein's quilts. I took a long break over the summer but now I'm determined to finish it in the next few weeks

I'm so pleased to have captured a picture with dog food on the floor and the laundry basket in the background. Pippen only cares about the new quilt though. I'm flattered she approves.

Willynes's original 'Wall Flowers' quilt from her book, "Millefiori Quilts".
My version is creams, beiges, browns and purples....hopefully incorporating some depth compared to the original.

One of Blue Moth's postings has inspired me for the border.

I just love the center piece with the lighter fabrics!

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  1. wow, handmade fractals! Admiring your blog. Really good job!