Saturday, January 14, 2012

Red and White Houses

Happy Weekend Ladies!
I've started a second set of little houses, this time all in red and white and pinks. These I am paper foundation piecing while my colorful houses are being hand pieced. Oddly enough, its these red and white ones I am having trouble keeping up. It requires coaxing my dd, who is 3, to come play in the sewing room while I work.

In my mail box I recently received  this pink and white and red fat quarter bundle. They don't go far when you are trying not to repeat fabrics though. 

This Monday was our quilt guild monthly meeting. I love quilt guild meetings! Our local newspaper wrote a story  featuring this red and black heart quilt which was made for a street hospital in Oslo.
Here is the picture I took at the meeting.

One quilt project which really captured my attention was this runner made by Olaug, our guild's past secretary. I'm in love with the darling ric-rac she used.

On another note, we bought our kids electric piggy banks that keep track of their savings. Of course it required an itsy bitsy screw driver to open the battery sections. We dug through our tool box but couldn't come up with the correct size. Then I had the idea of checking out some of the supplies I inherited from my grandmother remembering she had little tools for her sewing machine. This is the pirates treasure of supplies she had boxed and neatly labeled

Apparently she couldn't find the right sized screw driver also.
The good news is I have rotary cutter blades to last a life time and little brushes of every description to de-fuzz my machine.

I finally hung this scrappy stripey triangle quilt over the sofa.

 Clear dry days are seldom these days so I am closing with some  outdoor footage of the kids bundled up and enjoying some outdoor fun near the house. We grilled hot dogs and marshmallows at the out door forest 'hytte' (open-air cabin/shelter).

My youngest dd. Too cute for words!

I know this posting has been a mish-mosh.  Preferably I would do them day to day but for some reason I only find the time on the weekend, thus this cacophonous weekly summary.
Until next time.....I love reading about your quilty projects and houses and look forward to your comments with glee.


  1. Love your red pink and white houses, what a winning combination...I'm doing blue and red, but want to do one in those colours now. and your littlest gorgeous is she?

  2. I love your red and white houses.

  3. Hi again Michal, I'm following you now so we can be in touch about the charm squares.

  4. Oh I love your houses - how fun making two sets of them. I can see that having the portable houses (as opposed to the machined ones) will be a lot easier for you with young children. Interesting to see your hytte, and oh what a great supply of goodies from your grandmother - with all those blades, she must have been a quilter too?!