Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My seven-year-old called my bluff...

Sometimes the kids getter the better of me. My middle child says: "Why do we always have to tidy up after ourselves and you never do?"  I say, "What do you mean?" DD replies, "Your sewing room is always messy."

Indeed! It is 90% of the time. Scraps galore, snippets and threads all over the floor. I am sure you all know what I mean.

It's been a slow week in a quiet house with sick kiddos sprawled out everywhere. Now, we've moved on to coughing and people are up and about again.

My system for building houses needed to expand into a small skyscraper with larger box sections.

I also started putting the parts for one complete house in a little baggy so I can just grab a couple baggies on my way out somewhere and have some hand work available with out having to schlepp a lot of bulky stuff around. (Twice I have knocked my old box with scraps on the floor of the car while my hubby was driving.) Thus, the baggy system.

It works great for doing a quick house while waiting in doctors office with sick kiddos.

So far this is my favorite little house. I just love the blueberry roof fabric that I received from a scrap swap with a fellow guild member.

This is another favorite because of the little lace curtains in the window.

Please ignore loose threads I failed to remove. I never was a stickler for detail.

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