Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cold blue northern light

Its a cold blue northern light coming through my windows these days. I'll have to do with waves of warmth from the wood stove. There is ice and there is snow, and not gentle Hollywood snow, that doesn't exist here. In Norway, it snows horizontal, blown in gusts, swooping around the houses, chasing the animals inside to duvets and hearths. The dog lies as close as possible with a stacked log as her pillow and the cats with their rich thick coats sleep under the bathroom sink on the heated tiles, ever greatful that the kids never rember to hang up their bath towels.

And then there's the abandoned Swan. It is not a baby but is not fully grown. It still has the brown young feathers of youth. And its been sitting still out on the ice for days, conserving its energy while it recovers from illness or injury.  The parent swans seemed so devoted, always traveling in a tight knit group , Yet now, it feels bitterly cruel of them having abandoned one of their own in this bleek icey situation. I see the three of them swimming back and forth and I know the 4th is it the end of the lake sitting quietly alone with only ducks for company.

Practice makes perfect. My quilted circles are coming along splendidly. Why did it take so many years to start needle turn applique? Because I hadn't caught on to the wonderful virtues of YouTube learning.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, God Bless You Tube! And thank you Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth for a great video lesson.

Now I know Audrey of Quilt 365 suggests picking out your fabric each day but I like to have them ready so I can step on the gas when I get a free moment and inspiration strikes.

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  1. Lovely work - I like the prints you have used for the circles! i do hope your swan gets some company.