Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Tokyo International Quilt Festival-UPDATED

Schooled! By a Japanese quilter in the art of the log cabin block. Respect! I think this is my favorite quilt this year. My apologies for not posting quilters names..I do not read kanji. 

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Tokyo Quilt Festival 2016. This year I am not attending so I am living vicariously through other bloggers in blogland. I've gathered links to this year's festival so you can also enjoy the quilts if you weren't able to attend.

Alyce B has a extensive album of the festival quilts on flicker.

Pink Caramel's video link is especially good. Enjoy! Or see it directly through YouTube.2016 Tokyo International Quilt 

Queeniepatch has been attending the Tokyo festival for several years now.  I always love looking at her pictures.

Barbara Brackman blogged especially about the William Morris exhibition at this years festival.

Taniwa is another attendee gracious enough to share her festival pictures.

Michele  also focuses on the William Morris exhibit and will hopefully share the Beatrix Potter exhibit in her next post.

And saving best for last...

Maria has posted her festival pictures public for everyone to enjoy. And there are absolutely tons!

Bravo! For all the talented Japanese quilters at this year's festival!


  1. Thank you for the links! Lots of great photos. I love Queenie's posts (and Tanya's too!).
    You may want to check Corinne's blog posts (lots of pictures) on her trip to Japan and the show. She is a French quilt teacher. Here's one article but check out the previous posts too.

  2. Amazing, stunning works of HEART! Wow!! Thank you~

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