Monday, February 6, 2012

Snow Soup

My least favorite kind of  Norwegian winter weather..Snow soup! Repeat after me...water-proof insulated boots. Its like walking around in 8 inches of wet cement. My KEEN snow boots are a dream.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get an Italian greyhound outside in snow soup to go to the bathroom. The dog sits on the floor, feet out, being dragged towards the door and the cat clings to the door jam with all four feet and claws. I could start a comic strip with their stubborn antics.

So far my youngest dd is still not eating anything but perfectly smooth food and drink. We finally have a referral for an ENT. Hopefully they can give us a clue why this started so suddenly and how to fix this throat problem. I'm running out a ideas of what to offer her to eat. Even applesauce is flat out rejected.

On the up side, I finally successfully drafted a version of Hilde's Batik Bintan quilt from her Gecko Boxes & Quilts blog. I have been drooling over its beautiful and mesmerizing star design for a few weeks.  I hope to get some star fabrics picked out today and finalized the pattern this evening. I can't decide on the background fabrics.  Hilde's quilt is absolutely beautiful with a black background, but for ease of drawing the templates, perhaps a lighter fabric will work better. Maybe grey? Maybe white? I can't decide.

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  1. "Snow" is a whole new world to me as I live in a tropical summer - lots of rain and very high humidity but I still quilt. I love hearing about the antics of your pets. Take care.