Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fabric Swap! Yippee!

I got something special in the mail today, all the way from the southern hemisphere on the opposite side of the globe where the summer is in full swing. Thank you N.... for the terrific package of reds and pinks. They will be perfect for my houses!

On a colder note, our family spent the weekend with some friends at their cabin. It was my first overnight cabin experience. Full electricity inside and running water only outside. It was work but it was fun! The kids practiced on their skis and I had a couple nice snowy walks but spent most of the time trying to dry the kids snow clothes in front of the fire in time for their next jaunt outside.
Check out those icicles!

The cabin digs were very cozy and comfortable!

On the drive home the sun came out and nature dazzled us with her beauty!

Egersund Quilt guild had a meeting yesterday and there were some dazzlers there. I only snapped one picture of a small hexy quilt in the most luscious blues.

 In three weeks our guild is having an exhibit at our mall. About 4 months ago I ran out of quilt batting so I have a lot of quilting to catch up on in order to make my quilt tops presentable for the exhibit. Fingers crossed  the batting arrives post haste. I might have to bite the bullet and pay an arm and a leg for batting here. 

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  1. Look at you, all excited about a little package of fabric...I'm so glad you like them and look foward to seeing 'my bits' in your houses.

    And thankyou, the fabrics you sent me arrived today...I love all the fresh new reds you've sent and can't wait to make them into little houses.

    From hot and sunny Oz...it sure looks cold there where you are.