Friday, March 9, 2012

Quilt Exhibit - Quilt Guild Celebrates 20 years!

The Egersund Quilt Guild is celebrating 20 years by having an exhibit at our local mall. They are trying to rally interest in the art of quilting and hopefully attract new members as well. Enjoy the feast for your eyes!


  1. Hi, honey!
    Just came home from dropping you off at the quilt exhibit. From a pure objective view - I like your quilts the most... There are many interesting quilts - I hope you guys get good responses from the public.


  2. I love the quilt photos - tell us more about your life in Norway and what it is like living away from North America. I spent 9 months living in Germany and it changed my approach to life.

  3. Beautiful quilts!
    Gun, Sweden

  4. This exhibition might not be as huge as the one in Tokyo, but it is still very impressive. Wonderful colours! What a good place to show off quilting to the general public.